You are presently at the web supplement to Dr. C. Alifair Skebe’s classes at the University at Albany. You will find blog posts related to in-class discussions and class material such as exams, readings, syllabi, and instructional material.

Alifair Skebe currently teaches at the University at Albany. She is author of two poetry books El Agua Es la Sangre de la Tierra (water is the blood of the earth) written in English (Finishing Line Press 2008) and Love Letters: Les Cartes Postales (Basilisk Press 2004). Her poems have also appeared in numerous literary journals. You can google her and find links to many of her online publications. Her Poets & Writers profile can be found here http://www.pw.org/content/alifair_skebe

Alifair Skebe holds a PhD in American literature from the University at Albany. Her  dissertation entitled “Spaces of Risk: the Modernist Long Poem Revisited” investigates the book-length poems of Gertrude Stein, HD, and Gwendolyn Brooks through a feminist post-structuralist and Jamesian Pragmatist lens.

She is currently working on the manuscripts of poetry “Thanatos and Psyche,” a modern epic, “The Canvas Speaks,” a collection of ekphrastic and lyric poems on paintings and artistic vision,  and “I Left Home without My History,” a Slovenian-American epic. She  paints in her spare time. You will find selections from her paintings on this site.

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